About Us

EMG Liquidators LLC.

EMG Liquidators LLC is a wholesaler located in the Southern California region. We have been in the wholesale distribution business since 1981. The primary products offered are hardware and power tools, however we receive merchandise of all kinds including furniture and appliances.

Our advantage is providing customers the opportunity to make direct wholesale purchases exactly as they have arrived to us from the big box stores, in single pallets. This provides our customers two unique purchasing power advantages:

* The option to purchase less inventory which reduces your capital outlay

* By purchasing product received exactly as manifested by the big box stores you are guaranteed the boxes have not been sorted through giving you first choice of the entire contents.

We have 15 years of experience shipping containers locally and internationally. The shipments we receive consists of shelf pulls, closeouts, overstock and customer returns.

We are grateful to have been able to create and maintain valuable professional relationships with our vendors over the years; enabling us to realize tremendous savings, which are in turn passed on to you.

All of this make us the ideal supplier for the small to medium reseller of products for outlets such as Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist and Swap Meets. Our products are continually changing, so if you can’t find a product at one sale, attend the next sale!

Each Thursday we hold clearance sales, which are exciting and fun adventures on their own! However we encourage you to visit early in the week and often as products move quickly.

We are interested in your needs and invite you to communicate the nature of the products you are interested in and allow us to work on your behalf to find them!

We look forward to providing all your wholesale needed for the vibrant and continued success of your business.